Welding Equipment

Ewald Instruments Corp. supplies not only wire cutting and cable stripping equipment, but also resistance welding equipment to our customers. We strive to provide an assortment of welder head styles and accessories, as well as hand tools and power supply units, making us your all-in-one resource for resistance welding supplies.

Welder Heads and Accessories

Our various welder head styles meet the demands of flash welding operations of all sizes. From twin-head terminal welder heads to precision micro-miniature heads, customers choose us because of our welder head selection and the proven quality and capability of our products.

  • 2000 Series pneumatic modules
  • Miniature precision welding head with linear motion in a precision ball slide
  • Model 3003 Miniature Precision Head (4oz to 4lb)
  • Model 3015 Micro-Miniature Precision Head (10 to 50 grams)
  • Model 3020 Standard Head (5-50 lbs.)
  • Model 3022 Twin Head
Resistance Welding

Welder Hand Tools

Need to weld thermocouple wires to themselves and to larger bodies? Our selection of hand tools is exactly what you need to get the job done quickly and with precision. Our welder hand tools are great for a broad range of industries, including HVAC, automotive, electrical and more.

  • Electrode for 1005 (Part #A6283)
  • Electrode for 1015 (Part #A5801)
  • Electrode for 1020 (Part #A6679)
  • Electrodes for 1007 (Part #A6042-3)
  • Electrodes for 1009A (Part #A5801-1)
  • Model 1001 Tweezer Welder
  • Model 1002 Tweezer Welder
  • Model 1005 Tacking Tool (Single Electrode)
  • Model 1007 Miniature Tongs
  • Model 1009a Heavy Duty Tongs
  • Model 1015 Heavy-Duty Tacking Tool (Single Electrode)
  • Model 1020 Seam Welder Hand Tool
  • Model 1020-1 Seam Welder Hand Tool
  • Model 1025 Pogo Welder
  • Model TW17A Tweezer Welder W/ Micro- Switch
  • Moly-Tipped Electrode for 1005
  • Moly-Tipped Electrodes for 1007
  • Replaceable Tip Pair (Copper) (Part #A3940-1)
  • Replaceable Tip Pair (Moly) (Part #A3940-2)

Welding Power Supply Units

No matter the power level you need to make adequate flash welds, we’ll supply you with the synchronous and non-synchronous models you need to power your welding equipment. With low voltage output, there’s no shock hazard!

  • AC Non-Synchronous Model 7007 (3/4 kVA)
  • AC Non-Synchronous P.S. Model 7020b (2 kVA)
  • AC Non-Synchronous P.S. Model 7025 (2.5 kVA)
  • AC Non-Synchronous P.S. Model 7050 (5 kVA)
  • AC Power Supply Synchronous Model 8007
  • AC Power Supply Synchronous Model 8020
  • AC Power Supply Synchronous Model 8050
  • AC Power Supply Synchronous Model 8100
  • Stored Energy Power Supply 4010
  • Stored Energy Power Supply 4012
  • Stored Energy Power Supply 4050
  • Stored Energy Power Supply 4052

Supplying Your Complete Welding Needs

Ewald Instruments Corp. is proud to be a leading supplier of flash welding equipment for a broad range of industries. To learn more about the products we offer or to pair your job specs with the right equipment, please contact us today at 860-838-6217.

Please note that all items shipped outside United States are subject to a 15% handling charge.