Wire Stripping Machines

Whether you’re stripping Romex or heavy-gauge No. 4 wire, Ewald Instruments Corp. has a wire insulation stripping machine available that’ll make your job easy. Not only do we pride ourselves on creating efficient wire stripping machines, but our flash strippers are also highly effective, safe and versatile.

Where other strippers use cutting implements to unsheathe wire, we use a flash stripping process that melts the braid, ensuring no damage to the insulation. There’s no unraveling or fraying, and ends are melded together for instant finishing. All this, with either foot valve or manual hand lever operation. Our equipment is innovative enough to stand up to copper, steel, stainless steel or other metal shielding with ease.

Wire Stripping Machines and Accessories

Our wire stripping machines are available in a variety of kilovolt-amp levels, suited for whatever specific application you have. Our SS41 line of flash wire strippers can compete with any similar equipment on the market, providing superior results across all categories. Each machine is constructed using only the best equipment and is the product of decades of engineering.

  • Model SS41 flash stripper (1.5 kVA)
  • Model SS41P flash stripper (1.5 kVA)
  • Model SS41A flash stripper (2.5 kVA)
  • Model SS41AP flash stripper (2.5 kVA)
  • Model SS41AX flash stripper (dual voltage)
  • Model SS41APX flash stripper
  • Model SS41EP (5 kVA, 230v)
  • Model SS41HP (10 kVA, 230v)
Cable Stripping Equipment 2

In addition to wire stripping machines, we also stock and sell flash stripping accessories, to ensure you’re getting maximum value from your equipment.

  • Flash stripper jaws 2.250″ wide copper
  • Flash stripper jaws 2.250″ wide moly
  • Grooving (drilling) option
  • Grooving charge

Get Flash Wire Stripping Solutions

Ewald Instruments Corp. is proud to bring customers some of the best wire insulation stripping machines on the market today. To learn more about our products, including our SS41 line of flash wire strippers, please contact us today at 860-838-6217.

Please note that all items shipped outside United States are subject to a 15% handling charge.