Metalworking Equipment

Ewald Instruments Corp. is the premier resource for resistance welding equipment and a premier cable stripping equipment manufacturer. We bring our customers the very best electromechanical machinery dealing with the application of low-voltage high-current welding. Our products include flash cutters and strippers, as well as welder heads and power supplies.

Flash Cutters

Our Model SS48C and Automatic Flash Cutter 950 Series machines are designed for efficiency, quality and simplicity. Both machines sever stranded wire in any metal and fuse the ends of the strands to prevent un-raveling or fraying. These bench models offer robust versatility in their spec customization, ensuring broad applicability across various applications.

Flash Strippers

If your operation includes cable stripping involving braided shielding, we have flash strippers designed to get the job done efficiently. Our Model SS 41 series machines are designed to sever braided wire shielding on coaxial and other shielded wires, in both short & large run capacities. Because it melts the braid instead of cutting it, the insulation isn’t damaged and the wire ends are fused to prevent unraveling.

Welder Heads

We manufacturer a broad assortment of welder heads for miniature resistance welders. Options include heads from 10 to 50 grams, as well as 5 to 50 lb pressure models & twin head options. We also sell power supplies, including our affordable Non-Synchronous Power Supplies (NEMA Type N1H), stored energy welders & AC welder power supplies. We have the welding supplies and solutions for your metalworking equipment.

Get in Touch

Ewald Instruments Corp. stands behind our products. We’ve continued to innovate for the past seven decades, and we’re proud to bring our customers resistance welding equipment of the highest caliber. For more information about our product selection or to get specs on anything we sell, please call us today at 860-838-6217.