Wire Cutting Machines

Ewald Instruments Corp. brings cut and strip professionals the flash cutting equipment they need to process wire cleanly and quickly. Our cut and strip wire machines fuse the ends of wire to prevent unraveling and fraying, producing perfectly-sized cuts that are applicable for broad cable stripping operations.

Our flash cutter systems are designed to process various wire gauges with high efficiency, for a broad range of precision-demanding applications including automotive and aerospace components, marine products, medical instruments and much more. Our resistance welding equipment can handle stranded steel, stainless steel and copper cabling—delivering versatility across broad applications.

Flash Cutters and Accessories

Our selection of flash cutters covers several kilovolt-amp levels, suited to your specific operation. We also have miniature precision options for more delicate cutting. Each model is made by us, using premium components and materials to ensure lasting performance and unit longevity.

  • SS52AS miniature precision flash cutter
  • SS48C bench model flash cutter (2.5 kVA)
  • SS48C bench model flash cutter (5 kVA)
  • SS48C bench model flash cutter (10 kVA)
  • Model SS48C/974A hose cutter

In addition to our flash cutting systems, we also sell water cooling accessories and other supplies to ensure you’re getting the best possible value out of your investment in Ewald Instruments Corp. cutters.

  • Braided hose up to 1″ dia.
  • Water cooling blocks
  • Grooving (drilling) option
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Water circulator tank, radiator and fan 115V
  • Water circulator tank, radiator and fan 230V

Get Cutting and Fusing Solutions

Ewald Instruments Corp. brings our customers innovative, easy-to-use, highly efficient flash cutters, including from our proven SS48C and SS52A bench lines. For more information about our products or their specs and performance capabilities, please contact us today at 860-838-6218. We’ll make sure you get equipment that’s ready to perform at peak capacity.

Please note that all items shipped outside United States are subject to a 15% handling charge.