Thermocouple Welding Package 

This small, portable equipment is designed to weld thermocouple wires to themselves and to larger bodies. Package consists of: Model 1005, Model 7007, & P/N A3936(S.S. Ribbon).

{model 1005 hand tool}
Model 1005 Single Electrode Tack Welding Tool (Standard)
firing pressure adjustable 5-15lbs and Ground Probe combination heavy-duty clamp and anvil, both with 3-ft. #6 ga. cable
{model 7007 power suply}
Model 7007Power Supply (Standard)
  3/4 KVA, 115VAC-15 Amps max. (230V optional).
Low voltage output, no shock hazard.

To tack weld a hot junction: to a larger body (furnace, exhaust manifold, electric motor shell, etc.) clampor press the ground probe to the larger body. Hold the thermocouple junctions against the body with the electrode of the tack welder and press down onthe handle until the power supply is triggered. The weld will be made in less than 1/2 second. The thermocouple wires can also be welded separately a short distance apart. The "Heat" and "Time" adjustments can be set to get either a removable or a permanent weld.

To weld the hot junction or extension wires:Hold the ground probe in a bench vise, cross the wires at a slight angle on the ground probe and make a weld. The crossed wire junction is an accepted and reliable way to make thermocouples. It has a lower thermal mass than a bead or twisted type junction and can therefore react faster to temperature changes.

To secure the thermocouple leads, fold soft steel or stainless steel ribbon over the wire and tack weld to the support surface. Stainless steel strip .006 in. x .112 in. is supplied by Ewald Instruments.

Thermocouple materials readily weldable include Type K (Chromel/Alumel),Type J (Iron/Constantan), Type E (Chromel/Constantan), Type R,S,B (Platinum/Pt-RHO).

Type T (Copper/Constantan) can be welded, but requires special procedure.

Wire sizes can range from approximately 32 ga. (.008-in. dia.) to 10ga. (.102-in. dia.)

The thickness of the larger body is not important, as long as it is approximately the same, or heavier than the wire to be tacked to it, and it is made of material with good welding property (steel, iron, nickel,stainless steel). Copper alloys and aluminum can usually not be welded satisfactorily with this equipment.


Non Synchronous Power Supplies (NEMA Type N1H)
are the least expensive  type and are suitable for non-critical welds and for resistance brazing. The TIME is adjustable from about .05 seconds to .5 seconds (approximately 3 to 30 AC cycles) and repeatable within cycle. Longer times can be installed for brazing or soldering. Heat control is by solid state phase shift control. Scales are arbitrary but the settings are repeatable.

Fuse-Tec Model




 W x D x H



115 OR 230 VAC **

7" x 6.5" x  9"

35 lbs.



230 VAC*

8.5" x 10" x 11"

55 lbs.



230 VAC*

8.5" x 10" x  11"

55 lbs.



230 VAC*

8.5" x 10" x  16"

85 lbs.

NOTE: The Model 7020B is a special unit developed for field work.  Please contact factory for details.

*Will work n 208 VAC as well.

**Specify voltage when ordering-not field changeable.



These small welding power supplies are used for the resistance welding of small stampings, wires, ribbons etc.. They are particularly suitable for the joining of parts when heating of the surrounding areas has to be kept to a minimum.

The weld current is produced by charging a capacitor bank to a high voltage, and then discharging it through a pulse transformer. The resulting weld pulse is of extremely short duration (.0005 to .002 seconds) and has a very high peak current of several hundred to several thousand amps depending on the capacity of the power supply and the materials between the electrodes. The peak voltage is less than 10 volts and harmless.

The charging voltage is continuously adjustable from zero to maximum and indicated on a volt meter.

Triggering of the pulse is by a normally open firing switch in the welding head or hand tool.


Capacity watt-sec Capacitors MFD Charging Voltage  APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS 

W x D x H

12 160 400 9" x 9" x 12" 25 lbs.
4012 1/12 Dual-Range  400 9" x 9" x 12" 25 lbs.
4050 50 640 400 9" x 9" x 12" 35 lbs.
4052 6/55 Dual-Range  400 9" x 9" x 12" 35 lbs.

Line Voltage- 115V-50/60 Hz., 1 Amp maximum is standard. -230V (On specialorder)



AC Power Supplies- for resistance welders take the line current, regulate the time it is turned ON, control which part of the AC sine wave is turned ON, (phase shift) and also transform the line voltage down to a low working voltage, usually not more than about 7 volts. Typical uses are:

Resistance brazing or soldering

Resistance annealing

Resistance welding- with air-operated or manual welding heads or hand tools.

The power supplies are usually built as single, self-contained units but can be built into larger air heads, or auto assembly machines as well. They can also be supplied with the control separate from the welding transformer to facilitate limiting the length of the secondary loop where the risk of losses is high.

Synchronous Power Supplies- provide a slower rise time of the weld current than that of stored energy type power supplies and therefore, especially in larger models, allow the electrode more time to forge the weld. This usually results in less sparking and spitting, longer electrode life and more reliable welds. Since this type of power supply draws its power directly from the AC line there is effectively no limit to the cycle rate. In theory, up to 21,600 welds can be made in an hour.

8000 Series Power Supplies NEMA Type BS1H- (also called a "1A" type control) Calibrated time scales from 0 to 99 AC cycles, heat control calibrated from 0 to 99% of maximum. They are used for precision welds over a broad range of applications. Use with air-operated or manual heads and hand tools. Air-operated heads must have built-in cycling and firing controls.

9000 Series Power Supplies NEMA S2H- (also called "3B" type controls). These "spot sequence" power supplies contain a timed output for a solenoid valve to cycle an air-operated welding head or module. Digital thumbwheel switches set SQUEEZE, WELD, HOLD, and OFF times, calibrated in cycles, as well as the percent HEAT from 0 to 99% of maximum. The HOLD time is only applicable when the control is in the REPEAT mode in which the head will continue to cycle up and down and weld for as long as the initiation switch is closed. Since the cycling controls are contained in the power supply, the less expensive "D" series of air-operated welding heads can be used with the 9000 series power supplies.

OPTIONS- Standard options such as upslope, down slope and pulsation can readily be supplied with the 9000 series controls. Special options can always be programmed into the microprocessor, please contact the factory with your requirements.



 W x D x H

.75 115/230 9" x 12" x 15" 50 lbs.
8020 2 208/230 9" x 12" x 15" 65 lbs.
8025 2.5 230/460 9" x 12" x 15" 70 lbs.
8050 5 230/460 9" x 12" x 15" 85 lbs.
8100 10 230/460 12" x 14" x 18" 100 lbs.
8200 20 230/460 12" x 14" x 18" 115 lbs.
9007 .75 115/230 9" x 12" x 18" 50 lbs.
9020 2 208/230 9" x 12" x 18" 65 lbs.
9050 5 230/460 9" x 12" x 18" 85 lbs.
9100 10 230/460 12" x 14" x 18" 105 lbs.
9200 20 230/460 12" x 14" x 18" 115 lbs.